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About Cancer Nursing

This is a website dedicated to the provision of high quality resources which aim to enhance the understanding and the skills of health professionals and others concerned with the care of cancer patients.

This website offers:

*authoritative content written by expert health professionals;
*a range of tests to allow learners to assess themselves on their understanding of course material;
*relationshios with and information about, other valuable resources;
*a constantly-updated series of frequently-asked questions and answers and *a glossary of definitions of key terms;
*the opportunity to send questions to course experts.
*erectile dysfunction medication advice

You can find out more about what our website offers in the Courses area tour.

Cancer Nursing Courses in Australia

You can find cancer courses in Australia by searching the Australian government website at https://canceraustralia.gov.au/clinical-best-practice/cancer-learning

The key benefits of our courses are:

*they are freely available to a global body of learners;
*they are flexible: learners can engage in the courses, and assess their understanding, at their own pace and from anywhere that they enjoy an *Online; they are authoritative and reliable, authored and developed by specialists in their field.

Our Team

Ray Irving

ray@cancernursing.orgRay is responsible for the strategic development of CancerNursing.org.

Ray is a graduate in Information Studies and has an MBA from the Open University. Ray works in the field of online teaching and learning at one of Europe’s leading business schools, Warwick Business School.

Ray has successfully completed the University of London’s nationally-recognised Institute of Education ‘Certificate in Online Education and Training’. Before working at Warwick Business School, Ray was employed at the Institute of Management (the UK’s largest professional organisation for managers) as an Information Researcher, and there he helped develop the Institute’s initial Internet presence and first electronic publications. Ray’s written work appears in a number of published management books, covering the areas of knowledge management, strategy, Intranets, relationship marketing and flexible working.

Mark Irving

mark@cancernursing.orgMark is responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of CancerNursing.org courses. Mark is the co-ordinator and lead author of CancerNursing.org’s first course, in Oesophageal Cancer.

Mark qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1990 after training in Carlisle, in England. Mark has extensive experience of oncology nursing, and particular specialist experience in the nursing of patients with urological and gastrointestinal cancers. In 1999, Mark took on the newly-created post of Clinical Nurse Specialist in oeosphago-gastric cancer based within Carlisle Hospitals. Mark’s unit in Carlisle forms part of the Northern Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Unit (NOGCU) which works closely with the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

In July 2003, Mark gained a First Class BSc (Hons) in Nursing Studies with Specialist Practitioner Qualification from Lancaster University.

Stuart Sutherland

stuart@cancernursing.orgStuart is responsible for e-learning and learning environment design.

Stuart has worked in the field of online teaching and learning at the Universities of Oxford and Warwick, researching and developing online learning resources, implementing e-learning for international groups of distance learners and training academic staff to take on the role of online tutor.

As a qualified teacher, Stuart taught English, Media Studies and Media Production in Further Education colleges for 8 years. Having completed Sheffield College’s award-winning ‘Learning to Teach Online’ course, Stuart now tutors on this course for Sheffield College and on its ‘Certificate in Online Learning’ course, developed for the Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors. Stuart is the co-author of ‘The Guide to Digital Resources for the Humanities’ (Oxford University, 2000; University of West Virginia, 2001). As a volunteer, Stuart has taught English to speakers of other languages and worked for HIV & AIDS education projects.